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​H2H Solutions offers a wide range of Recruitment solutions at across levels for different verticals.We are specialised in :​

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO, Recruitment Process Outsourcing ,is one of the most efficient way of staffing, we are specialised in this process with over a decade experience with Clients across the Country.H2H will examine your recruitment process workflow(s) to determine where overlap, excessive cost, and inefficient practices may exist. Then, an outsourced model can be created for you, providing you with service levels and success metrics that exceed the status quo.

Permanent Staffing

Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you – your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

​​Executive Search

H2H has a vast experience in Executive Search, which is a systematic methodology to identify and select qualified C-level executives or senior professionals.Our wide network and skilled Professionals with relevant search enables us to offer world class Executive Search services.We provide search across all potential leadership roles in corporate, business and functions such as IT, ITES , Manufacturing & BFSI.

​​​HR Analytics

​H2H is a master in HR Analytics, which provides an organization with insights for effectively managing employees so that business goals can be reached quickly and efficiently.We have a specialised team which works on analysis & intepretation of Human resources of all our Premium clients.HR analytics can help to dig problems and issues surrounding these requirements and using analytical workflow will guide the managers to answer questions and gain insights from information at hand, then make relevant decisions and take appropriate actions.

​​Market Intelligence

H2H believe the most effective business decisions come from a synthesis of data streams and not from one-dimensional sources.We help our Clients to create a broad picture of the company's existing market, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential for new products and services.